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growing demographic, latinos. the one demographic that the president struggles is whites, especially white men. in a "washington post" poll, mitt romney held a 2-to-1 advantage over the president with white men. it's a delicate issue full of nuance unless you're romney surrogate and former governor of new hampshire john sunuunuu. >> we have to wonder if that's an endorsement based on issue or if he has a slightly different reason he prefers president obama. when you have someone in your own race you're proud of being president of the united states i applaud cool inpowell for voting for him. >> eliot: did john sununu say that over the line. that is criticized in a way that's bad or simply making an observation that says, hey racial pride is a legitimate thing so colin powell go ahead and go for it. >> i think he was out of line. having him change his position flip flop just hours after the statement tells you right there that he was out of line and it's offensive to a decorated general of this country. but i think it understand lines a deeper tone in this republican party, and the whole rac
-american americans, and look at that, latinos are pulling ahead of african-americans. do you think they're lazy, violent, etc. sometimes the numbers improve in some categories and regress in other categories. the implicit one is for a quick second show the picture of a white person, black person, latino person and then show you a neutral person and ask you about the neutral person. if you come up with negative comments, and you're shown an african-american, it gives a sense of how they feel about african-americans. it's a fascinating study and it's the way that a lot of studies are done. interesting number. if you think we have gotten past racial feelings in america you're wrong. we didn't. and now the religion of president obama. what are the latest numbers? in 201026% thought he was protestant, which by the way is the correct answer. now we're up to 28% getting it right for the president of the united states of america. but unfortunately in the last two years more people think he's muslim up to 18% thinking he's muslim, and then 35% saying, i don't know man he's only president of the united s
. not a proud part of our history but it is a part of our history. >> it is not just blacks, or latinos, it is college women it could be a couple that just got married and someone changed their name and they have to get a new i.d. in a couple of weeks. a range of americans who are affected by these kind of laws. >> eliot: there is a hierarchy of degrees of invidiousness. i think race is the most invidious and clearly -- i shouldn't say clearly it struck me that was what underlie many of the statutes but as you point out, even college students who many towns don't want kids to come in, are living there for four years to take over the democratic process. a little turn of events that -- i find beautiful irony in this. there has now been some voter fraud discovered but it's buried deep inside the republican party with this guy nathan sprewell who was paid $17 million by republicans seems to be involved in ugly stuff. >> this goes back to 2004 actually. he's been accused of this for about eight years. you know, he's going around the
really wanted to woo and appeal to the latino voters which is i think necessary if you would want to stay in the campaign, he should have said this months ago. why wait until now? it looks as though, once again the weather vane flips around. he's erasing the rhetoric in the past and it looks like me-too-ism. i hate to sound skeptical. what is the approach with latino voters. can he win without him? >> i think he was dealing with the reality of what the president did on that issue. i've said all along that republicans' appeal to latino voters has to be on education. here in denver we have one of the highest dropout rates among hispanic kids in the nation. it is inexcusable. we're failing an entire generation of minority kids in colorado and around the nation. i think the democratic party is still held captive by the national education association and the colorado education association here. and education i think is the issue to get to those voters. >> eliot: i'll agree education is an issue when i talk to latino vo
going up in african-american and latino communities in cleveland ohio saying if you go to vote, you might get arrested for x., y. and z. reasons. then you've got misleading ads like the one we showed you. this is actually run by a lot of the governments in pennsylvania, they're running radio ads and t.v. ads saying hey, you know what you might need photo i.d. that's not true. finally, we had one last one employer pressure. that's from the actual c.e.o.'s. remember mitt romney speaking to them saying if there's one thing you can do to help you can tell their employees if they know what's good for them, they better vote on our side. the c.e.o.'s have complied and sent these threatening emails saying you're going to be fired unless you vote for our guy. that's not all. wait until you get ahold of mar copiopia county, where sheriff joe is. they've been accused of doing an enormous amount of antti latino actions. watch this. >> last week, we heard from a concerned voter in democracy 2012 complaining the wrong election date was written in spanish on her voter i.d. cards. they said it was
has to win every swing state and convince 40% of latinos to start liking him. >> right. i call this g.o.p. talking. they want to make themselves look bigger. they want to augment their numbers so they hire homeless people to wear scott brown t-shirts, stuff like that. they have a lot of money so -- their free speech is louder than the rest of ours but they have to say this. they can't say we're losing. republicans always act like they're ten points ahead. democrats always think they're 10 points behind even when they're 20 points ahead. >> john: that's what makes democrats stay home on election day. the polls aren't lying. mitt romney is doing well and it seems like he didn't get the bounce from clinching the nomination. he didn't get the bounce for announcing paul ryan as a running mate. didn't get a bounce at the big convention. he got the bounce from barack obama. that was when the tide turned. the first debate. >> one debate out of four where their ticket did fantastic so of course that means they won the
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)